Distance Sales Preliminary Information Form


1.2. CUSTOMER The individual whose identifying information has been completed online from the relevant webpage, and the accuracy of the information has been declared and committed to.

1.3. CUSTOMER(s) who do not provide a signature in the Distance Service Sales Agreement but partake in the service subject to the agreement will be deemed to have accepted and committed to the provisions of the agreement. They will be considered to have read/signed the Preliminary Information Form when the CUSTOMER(s) assigned to register on their behalf read and sign this agreement.

  1. SUBJECT 2.1. This agreement pertains to the rights and obligations of the parties concerning the performance and payment method of the service sold by the Agency to the CUSTOMER on its website, www.carringtonholidays.com. The service is approved by the CUSTOMER through reading and marking the specified qualifications and price.

2.2. The service under the contract is the accommodation service that enables the CUSTOMER to vacation in the property approved by reading and marking the qualifications and sales price. The CUSTOMER confirms having read and understood all preliminary information regarding the scope, qualifications, sales price, and payment method of this service and provides necessary confirmation in the electronic environment. (The property subject to the accommodation service will be referred to as the "House" hereinafter.)

2.3. The CUSTOMER will stay within the dates indicated on the site and in the specified House.

  1. PAYMENT AND METHOD 3.1. The CUSTOMER must pay a Prepaid amount of 25% of the total reservation amount to confirm booking. The CUSTOMER selects the date range over the prices specified for the House on the website www.carringtonholidays.com, where detailed information and images can be viewed, and adds any extras offered on this page.

3.1.a. If there are difficulties in paying the online Prepaid amount of 25%, the CUSTOMER can contact using the specified contacts on the website and pay the amount specified in the link sent or the bank account details provided by the AGENT.

3.2. The CUSTOMER is responsible for paying the remaining balance no later than the arrival date. Payment can be made in the AGENT’s office by card, cash, via the link sent by the AGENT, or to the bank account specified by the AGENT.

3.2. REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT is paid on the arrival date by cash or through the link sent by the AGENT. The CUSTOMER can pay the REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT by card or bank transfer, in which case all related fees for the refund procedure are the obligation of the CUSTOMER. The AGENT accepts payment in GBP, EUR, USD, or TRY. This payment will be refunded to the CUSTOMER precisely on the exit date or within two weeks (depending on the type of payment made by the CUSTOMER). If the damage exceeds the specified fee, the AGENT reserves the right to demand this fee from the CUSTOMER.

  1. CANCELLATION POLICY 4.1. The CUSTOMER must contact the AGENT via email to request cancellation of the booking and state the reason.

4.2. The amount of refund will be calculated based on the AGENT’s cancellation terms and times.

  1. CANCELLATION TERMS AND TIMES 5.1. If the CUSTOMER cancels the reservation due to unforeseen and undesirable circumstances, they must notify the AGENT of the situation. The CUSTOMER can request a partial refund according to the AGENT's cancellation refund policy.

5.1.a. 90 days before the date of entry to the House, 30% of the PREPAID amount plus bank charges will be deducted.

5.1.b. 60 days before the date of entry to the House, 50% of the PREPAID amount plus bank charges will be deducted.

5.1.c. 30 days before the date of entry to the House, 100% of the PREPAID amount will not be refunded.

5.2. If the CUSTOMER provides a cancellation notice between 15 and 29 days before the start of the stay, they are obliged to pay 50% of the total accommodation fee.

5.3. If the CUSTOMER provides a cancellation notice between 1 and 14 days before the start of the stay or cancels their holiday without any notification, they are obliged to pay 100% of the remaining total accommodation fee of the House.

  1. OTHER PROVISIONS 6.1. This contract encompasses the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 6502 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts enacted based on this law. The CUSTOMER agrees in advance to pay the additional charges stated and informed about.

6.2. This contract is considered to have been signed online by the parties.

6.3. In case of a dispute, the Kyrenia Court and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve the dispute.

If you make payment through bank transfer, please ensure all bank charges are paid, so that we receive the full amount and use your surname and arrival date as the reference for your remittance.