Kyrenia has it all and has done for the last 6,000 years.

Early settlers were surely attracted by the idyllic location in which this beautiful port still sits. The warm clear waters of the Mediterranean lap gently along miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, backed by the verdant slopes of the surrounding Five Finger Mountains.

Set as a jewel within the crown of this stunning location is the historic city of Kyrenia itself, bursting with trendy villages and historical sites.

Throughout its history Kyrenia has attracted thegreat civilisations to enjoy and add their stamp to its rich tapestry of culture. 

Vestiges of Greek, Roman, French, Ottoman and British settlers’ architecture and customs remain, all tightly packed within the town’s cobbled streets, small harbour and magnificent castle.

This epic castle of Byzantine origin sits spectacularly opposite the harbour wall. Once guarding the small bustling port, it now provides a splendid backdrop to the beautiful quayside cafes, bars and restaurants. 

The citadel is packed with artefacts from its past – to be appreciated by the visitors within and by those who gaze at its magnificence from afar, perhaps from a table at one of those fabulous harbour-side restaurants.

The beautiful port of Kyrenia rewards the fortunate visitor with an experience they will treasure forever and never forget.

An amazing city on the west coast filled with luxury accommodation and a multitude of leisure spots and events.