One of the largest towns in the North, İskele is fast building a name for itself as an up and coming area, with wonderful golden beaches and fish restaurants in close proximity.

Formerly called Trikomo, legend has it is the very town that the Goddess Aphrodite brought the first fruit to in Cyprus.

There are two churches of historical importance in the village, Panayia Theotokos which is also a museum, built in the 12th century, and the tiny cruciform church of Ayios Iakovos (St. James) erected in the 15th century.

The adjacent fishing village of Boğaz is a delight to behold with an amazing array of fish restaurants ranged around its harbour.

Travel further North and the sandier shores and clear blue waters of Bafra are second to none. Previously an old village, Bafra has metamorphosised into a major tourism hotspot with the development of high-class hotels.

On the main road from Famagusta to the Karpaz Peninsula, it is worth a stop, if only to take in the fresh sea breeze.